Russia brands people leaving the country and their jobs as ‘traitors’


Russia has labelled those leaving the country and resigning from their jobs in response to the invasion of Ukraine as “traitors”, saying that it will make the country stronger if they are gotten rid of.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov (pictured bottom left) said many people in Russia were showing themselves to be “traitors”, following similar comments made by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“In such difficult times… many people show their true colours. Very many people are showing themselves, as we say in Russian, to be traitors,” Peskov said on Friday, March 18 as Russia enters its third week of war against its neighbor.

When asked about Putin’s remark that Russia would undergo a natural and necessary “self-cleansing”,  Peskov responded: 

“They vanish from our lives themselves. Some people are leaving their posts, some are leaving their active work life, some leave the country and move to other countries. That is how this cleansing happens.”

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